Areas that coaching can help with

We work with talented high performers who want to achieve more.  One to one coaching allows the individual the space, support and challenge needed for maximising performance.

Clear objectives are established up front with the individual’s line manager and progress is reviewed on a regular basis.  Whatever the role or line of business, the same issues tend to crop up, such as:

  • Self management  (performing under pressure, increasing levels of self confidence/presence, planning, managing reputation, taking more initiative, stepping out of the ‘comfort zone’).
  • Managing others (giving feedback, delegation, communication skills, influencing others, leadership skills, team behaviours, client relations, building rapport).
  • Discovering what the next step is and how to work towards it (strategy). This might be for your business or for your personally.

Other more ‘technical’ issues that we deal with are:

  • Developing the ability to see the big picture, rather than diving into the detail and vice-versa
  • Improving presentation skills and meeting techniques
  • Developing greater self-awareness and awareness of others
  • Asking ‘good’ questions
  • Having ‘difficult’ conversations

A coaching assignment varies in length depending upon your requirements. It may be anything from 2-6 sessions and we review the  results at the end.

To discuss your needs further, simply contact us on or call  07976 319103

“I was sceptical before I started but am amazed at the difference”.
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